Jenny Chadima - Be The Light Yoga

Hey Girl, I’m Jenny Chadima. In 2014 I was nestled into my office chair, quietly typing away behind a computer screen, when I realized that my life was about to change. I had just returned from a mission trip that placed me in the heart of inner city Milwaukee. During my short time there I connected with individuals from all walks of life who were in deep pain. Each time I met someone new my heart contracted because it knew – it felt the pain that these people were experiencing and it knew it well. I had my own history of guilt, grief, and addiction.

From the safety of my 9-5 I could hear God calling me to something greater. I relived that heart-felt connection over and over and finally realized that people are my purpose. Today I am on a journey to connect with and help as many women as I can who are weighed down by guilt, grief, and / or addiction that comes with experiencing pain and trauma. I do this through sharing the methods and strategies that I’ve learned as a yoga instructor, fitness competitor, and certified alchemy life coach, as well as my experience strengthening my relationship with God.

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